Allen Jackson

Regents Professor, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
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Physical Education Building 210-R

Dr. Jackson has been a member of the UNT faculty since 1978. His principal professional interests are in measurement, research methods, and physical activity and health. He has been an author for over 100 publications including textbooks and research articles. His research and professional activities have been supported by over 1.5 million dollars in external funding. He is a fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Kinesiology and a member of the Science Board for the President's Council for Physical Fitness Sports & Nutrition.

Recent Publications

Trudelle-Jackson, E., and Jackson, A.W. Do Older Adults who Meet 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines Have Better Physical Performance than Those Who Do Not Meet? Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, in press.

 Levitt, D. E., Jackson, A.W., and Morrow, J. R. Jr. An Analysis of the Medical Costs of Obesity for Fifth Graders in California and Texas. International Journal of Exercise Science, 9, 1, 2016

 Swank, C., Trudelle-Jackson, E., Medley, A., Thompson, M., and Jackson, A.W. A Comparison of Physical Activity and Dual Task Gait Among Persons with Parkinson’s Disease and Health Older Adults. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, published online

McFarlin, B.K., Venable, A.S., Williams, R. R., and Jackson, A. W. Comparison of Techniques for the Measurement of Skin Temperature During Exercise in a Hot, Humid Environment. Biology of Sport, 32, 2015

Farrell, S.W., Finley, C.E., Jackson, A.W., Vega, G.L., and Morrow, Jr., J.R. Association of Multiple Adiposity Exposures and Cardiorespiratory Fitness with All-Cause Mortality in Men: The Cooper Center Longitudinal Center Study. Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 89(6), 2014.

Tucker, J.S., Martin, S.., Morrow, J.R., Jackson, A.W., Greenleaf, C.A.,and Petrie, T.A. Relations Between Sedentary Behavior and FITNESSGRAM® Healthy Fitness Zone Achievement and Physical Activity. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 11, 2014.

Morrow, J.R., Jr., Tucker, J.S., Jackson, A.W., Martin, S.B., Greenleaf, C.A., and Petrie, T.A. Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines and Health-Related Fitness in Youth. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 44(5), 2013.

Rieck, T., Jackson, A. W., Martin, S. B., Petrie, T.A., and Greenleaf, C.A. Health-Related Fitness, Body Mass Index, and Risk of Depression among Adolescents. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 45(6), 2013 .

Willis, B. L., Morrow, Jr., J. R., Jackson, A. W., DeFina, L. F., and Cooper, K. H. Secular Change in Cardiorespiratory Fitness of Men: Cooper Center Longitudinal Study. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43, 11, 2011.

Trudelle-Jackson, E., Jackson, A. W., and Morrow, Jr., J. R. Relations of Meeting National Public Health Recommendations for Muscular Strengthening Activities with Strength, Body Composition, and Obesity: The WIN Study. American Journal of Public Health, 101, 10, 2011.

Patton, R. W., McGuire, A., Greenleaf, C., and Jackson, A. Sex Differences in Fitness Equipment Use. ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, 15, 3, 2011.

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Morrow, Jr., J. R., Martin, S. B., and Jackson, A. W. Reliability and Validity of the FITNESSGRAM®: Quality of Teacher-Collected Health-Related Fitness Surveillance Data. Research Quarterly for Exercise Sport, 81, 3 (Supplement), 2010.

Martin, S. B., Ede, A., Morrow, Jr., J. R., and Jackson, A. W. Statewide Physical Fitness Testing: Perspectives From the Gym. Research Quarterly for Exercise Sport, 81, 3 (Supplement), 2010.

Jackson, A. W., Lee, D., Sui, X., Morrow, Jr.,  J. R., Church, T. S., Maslow, A. L., and Blair, S. N. Muscular strength is inversely related to prevalence and incidence of obesity in adult men. Obesity, 18, 10, 2010.


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