Steps to Educator Certification - Classroom Teacher, Student Services, and Administrator Certificates

In order to obtain an initial Standard classroom certificate in Texas, one must go through an approved Educator Preparation Program.

Individuals seeking a Student Services certificate (Educational Diagnostician, School Counselor, or School Librarian) or Administrator certificate (Principal or Superintendent) cannot obtain these certificates through the Certification-by-Examination route offered by the state of Texas. Therefore, must complete an approved Educator Preparation Program leading to the desired Student Services or Administrator certificate.

State requirements can and do change. It is the student's responsibility to check with their program advisor for any changes in program and state certification requirements to ensure eligibility.

All candidates seeking certification with the state of Texas must submit an online application directly to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) after meeting program, university, and state requirements. You can review the When and How to Apply for Certification link below for step-by-step instructions on this process.

The general steps to becoming certified in any area are:

  1. Apply and be admitted to a UNT Educator Preparation Program.
  2. Pass all required state certification exams.
  3. Complete all certification program requirements, including Clinical Practice (Student Teaching/Internship/Practicum).
  4. Appropriate grades and degree(s) posted to official UNT transcripts.
  5. Apply for a Standard Certificate through the Texas Education Agency website.
    1. Pay all applicable fees
    2. Complete fingerprinting
  6. Be recommended to the Texas Education Agency by UNT.

Students completing certification program requirements May 2019 can begin applying for certification Friday, May 3.