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Degree Plans

When should I file a degree plan?

Students need to create a degree plan in consultation with their faculty advisor and submit for approval in the first semester of enrollment. Registration is blocked after 18 hours without an approved plan on file.

How long does it take for the degree plan to be approved?

Degree plans are routed to the Graduate School for approval. Since their office processes hundreds of degree plans every week, it can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. Submit earlier = approval earlier!

How do I make changes to an existing plan?

Changes in degree plans are submitted for approval with the same process as degree plans, however, it usually does not take as long to process with the Graduate School. There is a form specific to making changes to an already approved plan.

Special Problems

How do I register for a Special Problems course?

Special Problems are independent studies set up by the faculty member and student. A form is required that the instructor fills out and signs. This form is used to generate a permission code so you can register for that particular section.

Does the topic title show up on my transcript?

The forms that are required to register include the topic title, which the Registrar’s Office uses to add to your UNT transcript. These forms are usually sent to their office at the end of the term, so the title will not be added until after completion of the course. Titles must be 30 characters or less.

How many hours do I add?

Special Problems are varied credit (1-3 credit hours). Consult with the instructor on how many hours you should add, and be sure to choose the correct hours when you are registering online.


How do I remove the holds on my account so I can register?

There are a couple holds which all students have on their accounts, and can be removed on the MyUNT page. They are the Meningitis notice, and the Student Financial Obligation hold. These are only notices that you read, then click to remove the hold. These WILL prevent you from registering. The Student Financial Obligation hold must be removed every semester. If you have questions about other holds on your account, please give our main office a call for assistance.

When can I register and when do I pay?

Students should always be aware of the registration and payment deadlines. It is encouraged to have the Registration Schedule saved as a favorite on your computer. This link will give you all important deadlines for the chosen term, i.e. registration, payment, add/drop, withdraw, refunds, requesting incompletes, etc. It is very important that you make a payment on time. Failure to pay on time results in being dropped from all courses, which can result in someone taking your spot in the courses!

To ensure you get the courses you want: register early - pay on time!

Why can't I find the section I want when I do a class search?

When you search for a specific class and it pulls up sections to choose, make sure to click the ‘view all’ button. Usually only the first three sections are shown until you click this. Also, you want to uncheck the ‘show open classes only’ box so that sections that are already full will pull up (in case you want to wait list).

What do these error messages mean when I try to enroll?

'Invalid enrollment appointment'- This means it is not your time to register yet. Consult the registration dates so you know when you will be able to register and/or make changes to your schedule.

'Department consent required OR Permission required'- These are restricted courses and require approval to add. Permission codes can be obtained from Laura in the department. If any additional approval is required we can let you know also.

Forms, Forms, & More Forms

Where I can obtain/print academic forms?

Degree plans can be printed from the department website, they are attached to each specialization area link. Many of the forms can be printed from the Graduate Forms page on the college website. Some forms are triplicate, and cannot be sent electronically (schedule change forms, change of grade forms). Please contact our office for assistance on these. Links to almost every form can be found on our department site on the Resources tab.


When/how do I apply for graduation?

The application for graduation is online through the Toulouse Graduate School website. The deadline to apply for graduation is always in the beginning of the semester, make note of the different deadlines for graduation with the above link including when to submit application, when to submit grade change forms for incompletes, etc. A copy of the approved degree plan is required to be submitted, contact our office if you need a copy.

Will I be notified when I need to apply?

Not necessarily - it is the student's responsibility to apply for graduation on time and submit any required materials.


How do I make changes to my schedule?

Check the registration calendar first to make sure it is your time to make changes. Always be aware of the deadline to make changes on your MyUNT page, the deadline to drop and get a full refund, etc. If you receive an error saying you do not have an enrollment appointment, it means it is not the right time for you. If it is after Late Registration has ended but before the census date, requests must be reviewed along with consent of the instructor. Email the instructor for permission to be added late, and then forward Devyn Dougherty ( the response. If it is after the census date, the department would need to appeal on your behalf with the Graduate School.

I am trying to drop the only course I am enrolled in and the system will not allow me, what do I do?

In our commitment to helping students when they intend to withdraw for the semester (drop ALL courses for the semester) they need to do so in person at the Dean of Students Office during office hours in the University Union 319. This will be “the one stop shop” to assist students through the process of withdrawing, educate them on any obligations they may have with the University or that may need to be fulfilled upon returning, conduct Financial Aid Exit counseling and for UNT to understand the reasons why students leave to help improve our university and its services.

The student must present ID to withdraw. After the census date (12th class day during long semesters) each student wanting to withdraw will need to meet with a member of the Dean of Students staff during office hours for an exit interview, prior to the census date no exit interview is necessary. The Dean of Students Office will only withdraw students from the first class day until the official last day to withdraw as set by the University calendar. After this date students must seek out their Academic Dean for possible withdraw.

If a student is enrolled in classes completely online, students may also request to withdraw by fax. The Dean of Student's Office fax number is (940) 369-8440. The student should send the fax to the Dean of Student's Office before 5:00 p.m. The fax must include the following information:

• Name
• Student ID number
• Semester and course to be dropped
• Student's signature
• Return address
• Email address
• Indicate if you have or have not attended classes

For summer, it can be confusing as each session is considered its own term. Example: If you are registered for a 10W and a 5W2 course and want to drop one of them, it is considered a withdraw.

If you need to withdraw before the semester has begun, contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.


What situation would warrant an incomplete?

Incompletes can be requested by students who are currently passing the course, and have a medical or other documented emergency. It is not for students who are not passing, or did not drop in time. While the Graduate School policy on incompletes is that students have one year to complete the course, this time may be less depending on the agreement between student and instructor.

How/when do I request an incomplete?

There is a form that must be completed by the student and instructor and approved by the chair of the department. It is encouraged to have this done at least a week prior to grades are due, to ensure there is enough time for the incomplete request to be approved. The academic calendar will have the date when students can request the incomplete.

Personal Information

How do I update my contact information for my UNT record?

You can update your address, phone, etc. on your MyUNT page.

How do I update my record if my name has changed?

If your name has been changed, you will need to contact the Records Office (part of the Registrar's Office). They may require documentation from you also. Also, be sure to let the department know so we can correct your records here!

How can I make sure I am receiving all correspondence from UNT?

Your UNT email account is always the recipient of news, updates, etc. from UNT and our department. To ensure you are receiving all notifications, always check your account frequently, or have it set up so that it forwards to your preferred home email address.


Who is my advisor?

When students are admitted they are assigned an initial faculty advisor who can help with degree plan and course choices. If you are unsure of your advisor, please contact the department. Students are able to request a change in advisor at any time, which is reviewed by the department Chair.

When should I make contact with him/her?

It is important to make contact with your advisor before the beginning of your first semester.