Research and Evaluation Methodology

Master of Science in Educational Psychology - Concentration in Research and Evaluation

The master’s degree option in research and evaluation (R&E) prepares graduates to work with public or private organizations. For those employed by educational institutions (such as school districts, higher educational institutions, or non-profit organizations) as administrators, or desiring to become administrators either in K-12 as evaporators or in higher education as institutional researchers, the R&E master’s degree will help you understand how to design evaluations, collect data to determine the efficacy of programs or initiatives, properly measure outcomes to assess important features. For those working in the development of research programs and implementing grant proposals, the master’s degree in R&E will position you to evaluate and provide information to policy makers and other stakeholders so that they can make important decisions about funding, continuation of programs, changes that need to be made to improve educational efforts based on empirical data analysis and interpretation.

Position yourself to be the go-to person in your educational organization in understanding why and how your educational programs are working, for whom they work, and if changes are required:  Learn sound statistical principles and how they are applicable to educational evaluation and research; integrate both qualitative and quantitative methods for investigation, analysis, and interpretation of educational program outcomes; employ different types of evaluation designs that are appropriate for the program and institution being evaluated; and prepare yourself for entry into a doctoral program that focuses on educational research that would permit you to become an advanced research methodologist, statistician, or measurement/psychometric specialist.  This program may be completed fully online (see brochure), or with a combination of online and face to face courses per adviser's directions.

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