Teaching 8th Grade Science

Following are resources developed for 8th Grade Science, Extreme 8th Grade Science. Available are Guides, Videos, Blacklines, Slide Presentations, Flash Games and Animation.

Teaching 8th Grade Science

Introduction {PowerPoint}
Journaling XTreem Science {PowerPoint}
TAKS and TEKS Sheets
2010 Revised TEKS
TAKS Puzzle
Mealworms Process Skill Manual
Mealworms {Videos}

TAKS Objective 2

TEKS 8.6 B - Look Mama, It's Alive
    Feedback Systems {PowerPoint}
TEKS 8.6A - You Can't Have One Without The Other
    Body Systems {PowerPoint}
TEKS 8.6 C - I'm Depending on You
    Food Chains and Food Webs {PowerPoint}
TEKS 8.11 A and B - To Be or Not to Be
    Inherited Traits {PowerPoint}
    Environmental Influences on Genetics {PowerPoint}
    UV Lesson {Powerpoint}
       Malformed Frogs {Photos} (save to folder on your tesktop then open)
TEKS 8.11 C - Who's Da Mama?
    Genetic Traits Environment {PowerPoint}
       Dragon Punnett Squares {Game}

TAKS Objective 3

TEKS 8.8 A and B - A Tiny Big Discovery
Atoms {PowerPoint} 
        Atomic Field {Video} Save to your desktop and then open)
TEKS 8.9 B - Table The Discussion
    Periodic Table {PowerPoint}
        The Elements Song with Flash Video
        Periodic Table memory rap {Video}
          Periodic Table Computer Game
  TEKS 8.9 A C and D - It Was Here Just A Moment Ago
    Chemical Reactions {PowerPoint}
    Compounds, Chemical Formulas, and Chemical Equations{PowerPoint}
        Chemistry {Videos} (Save to desktop and then open)
TEKS 8.10 C - Hot Stuff
    Endothermic/Exothermic {PowerPoint} 
TEKS 8.10 A - Calories Aren't All Bad
    Heat Energy {PowerPoint}

TAKS Objective 4

TEKS 8.7 A - The Force is with You
    Force and Motion {PowerPoint}
     Freebody Diagram {PowerPoint}
         Elephant Falling Animation
        Ladder Truck Animation
         No Seat Belt Animation
         Skydiver Animation  
TEKS 8.7 B - Catch the Wave
    Waves in a Medium {PowerPoint}
         Wave Motion 1 Animation
         Wave Motion 2 Animation
         Wave Motion 3 Animation
         Wave Motion 4 Animation  

TAKS Objective 5

TEKS 8.10 B - Red at Night Sailor's Delight
    Solar, Weather, and Ocean Systems {PowerPoint}
TEKS 8.12 A - The Never Ending Cycle
    Lunar Cycle {PowerPoint}
        The Terminator {Video} (save to a desktop folder the opwn)
          Rock Cycle {PowerPoint}
        Diamond Squish {Animation}  
TEKS 8.12 B - Blow the Man Down (Oceans And Climate Changes)
TEKS 8.12 C - Lords of the Rings
    Carbon, Nitrogen & Water Cycles {PowerPoint} 
     Carbon Cycle {PowerPoint}
          Carbon Dude {Animation}
     Nitrogen Cycle    {PowerPoint}
          Nitrogen Cycle Game
           Nitrogen on Strike {Video} (save to a desktop folder and then open)
     Water Cycle {PowerPoint}
          Water Cycle Board Game Cards
          Water Cycle Board Game
          Water Cycle Handout
          Water Cycle Tally
          Water Cycle Game Instruction Sheet
TEKS 8.13 A, B, and C - Dust and Gases
     Universe {PowerPoint}
          Colliding Galaxies {Video} (save to a desktop folder then open)
          Geography from Space {Video} (save to a desktop folder then open)
          Sunspots Spotted {Video} (save to a desktop folder then open)
TEKS 8.14 A B and C - World Altering Events 
      Natural And Human Impacts On The Environment {PowerPoint}
      Extinction Dice Game {PowerPoint}
      Ecosystems and Pollution {PowerPoint}
      Landforms {PowerPoint}
          Landform Models 1 {Video}
          Landform Models 2 {Video}
          Landform Models 3 {Video}
      Plate Tectonics {PowerPoint}
      Topographic Maps {PowerPoint}

Using Technology for Teaching

Basic Power Point {PowerPoint}
Custom Animation
How to Burn A CD
Power Point Master Slide and Insert Video
Window Movie Maker

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