Services Offered


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Individual adult counseling

Counseling for personal or social concerns including relationships, depression, anxiety, grief, career, and life transitions. 

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Individual adolescent counseling

Activity and talk-based counseling for preteens and teenagers (ages 12-17) may focus on personal, social, career, and school concerns.

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Career counseling

Career exploration includes exploring personal values, interests ,and abilities; identifying career goals; participating in career searches; and maneuvering through career transition.

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Couples counseling

Couples counseling helps couples to develop communication and relationship skills for managing concerns and adjustments common in committed relationships. Premarital/preunion counseling also available.

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Play therapy

Play therapy is provided for children 3 years and older, and parent consultations with counselor are included in services. Play therapy is designed to help children through transitions, grief, separation, academic, and social concerns.  To learn more about play therapy, please visit Center for Play Therapy.