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Clinics, Centers, and Projects

Center for Play Therapy (CPT) - Provides training, research, publications, counseling services and scholarships to encourage the unique development and emotional growth of children through the process of play therapy.

Child and Family Resource Clinic - A counseling and training clinic that serves the Denton County community, offering counseling to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families for issues including learning, emotional, and adjustment difficulties.

Consortium for Animal Assisted Therapy - Trains professionals and volunteers to work with their pets to facilitate the development  of students with pet-assisted educational programs and to enhance the emotional well-being of persons of all ages through positive human-animal interactions.

Counseling and Human Development Center - Established in 1987 to provide a wide range of affordable counseling services to individuals and families in Denton and surrounding areas. Faculty supervisors are Licensed Professional Counselors and/or Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisors, and all services are offered in accordance with the highest ethical standards.


Bill J. Priest Center for Community College Education - Dedicated to preparing individuals for exemplary community college leadership in both teaching and administration and assisting those individuals to make significant research contributions to the community college field.

Council for the Study of Community College - Purposes include developing of preservice and in-service education for community college professionals; conducting and disseminating research pertaining to community colleges; and to serve as a forum for dialogue between university professors, graduate students, and community college practitioners who study community colleges.

Higher Education Development Initiative - Monitors and interprets the impact of major trends and legislation as they affect higher education, and engages in research activities for other agencies that are concerned about higher education issues at the state, regional, and national levels.