Teaching and Adult Learning

Graduate Academic Certificate

The Teaching and Adult Learning Graduate Academic Certificate prepares individuals for teaching in a post-secondary institution whether continuing education and professional development for a corporation or higher education instructors with an accredited discipline.

Program Contact: Veronica Jones, Ph.D Veronica.Jones@unt.edu

Admission Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university;
2. Meet the GPA requirements for admission to graduate certificate program;
3. Apply to the Toulouse Graduate School and select Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Adult Learning as the course of study;
4. Complete a Higher Education Program Graduate Certificate Application and submit a Purpose Statement.

Course Requirements for Certificate

Complete 12 hours from the courses listed below:

EDHE 5100 - Introduction to Effective College Teaching (3 hours)
EDHE 6030 - Practicum, Field Problem or Internship* (3 hours)
EDHE 6050 - Learning Theory in Higher Education (3 hours)
EDHE 6070 - The Effective College Instructor (3 hours)
EDHE 6640 - The Adult Learner and Adult Learning (3 hours)
EDHE 6850 - Studies in Higher Education** (3 hours)
EDHE 6900 - Special Problems in Higher Education* (3 hours)
EPSY 5350 - Foundations of Psychoeducational Measurement (3 hours)

* independent study in agreement with and under the supervision of a higher education faculty member

** 6850 is a number used for a variety of special topics. Before enrolling in an EDHE 6850 course, make sure the topic is applicable to this certificate.

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the certification program.

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