Higher Education Programs

The UNT Program in Higher Education promotes human development through education, research, and service that advance the profession of, and scholarship in, higher education.

The Program provides education and professional development for individuals who serve or will serve as administrators, faculty, and scholars in higher education institutions, governmental agencies, policy or research centers, and professional associations that conduct postsecondary education in the United States and globally.

The Higher Education Program offers degrees in four program areas. The Student Affairs specialization track complies with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) for the administration emphasis for master's degree programs in student services administration.

Master's Programs in Higher Education

The Higher Education Program offers degrees in three program tracks: Student Affairs, Community College Leadership, and General Administration.

The Program also offers two formats for the degree: standard and cohort. The standard program allows student to enroll in courses full or part-time in any of the tracks, with no specific sequence. With the Master's Cohort in Student Affairs, students enroll in a full-time sequence of courses in the student affairs track over a two-year period.  They also hold graduate assistant positions in the UNT Division of Student Affairs.  Full-time and part-time higher education students in the standard format master's program and the doctoral programs may be considered for graduate assistantships in student affairs and other areas of higher education administration.

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For questions on specific course requirements of the master's degree in higher education, potential students may also contact the Higher Education Master's Degree Program Coordinator, Dr. V. Barbara Bush (Barbara.Bush@unt.edu, 940-565-2045).

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Doctoral Programs in Higher Education

The Higher Education Program offers both EdD and PhD degrees in Higher Education. Both programs are designed to enable students to: acquire knowledge about and evaluate major organizational, behavioral and learning theories applicable to higher education; conduct applied and/or basic research in the field of higher education; become familiar with past, present and emerging patterns of organizational and professional administrative practice in higher education; and observe and participate in the actual practice of higher education administration and/or research.

For specific questions on doctoral programs in higher education, potential students may also contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Chen (Daniel.Chen@unt.edu).

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Doctor of Education in Higher Education

The EdD in Higher Education program is designed for individuals interested primarily in the application of theory to practice. It is particularly appropriate for persons who aspire to administrative leadership careers in one or more of the following areas:

Senior leadership positions in four-year colleges and universities, such as dean of students, vice president for student affairs, dean of administration, vice president for administration, vice president for development, assistant to the president, dean of continuing education and dean of a college of education.

Senior leadership positions in two-year community colleges, junior colleges and vocational/technical institutes, such as department chair, dean of learning resource centers, chief academic affairs officer, vice president for student services, dean of business services, and president.

Higher education middle management administrative positions in student affairs, administrative affairs, business affairs and development in all types of institutions of higher education, including such positions as director of housing, director of financial aid, coordinator of student life/student activities, student center director, director of institutional research, director of development, and director of continuing education.

Senior administrative and staff positions in higher education coordinating and/or policy agencies in state, regional and federal government.

Administrative leadership positions with higher education accrediting agencies, professional associations, consortia and other professional organizations.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education

The PhD in Higher Education program is designed for individuals primarily interested in the scholarly inquiry and/or teaching of higher education as a field of study. The PhD in higher education is particularly appropriate to the following careers:

Academic and research positions in graduate instructional programs of higher education, higher education institutes and centers for the study of higher education.

Applied and management research positions in institutions of higher learning, government agencies, consortia of higher education institutions and higher education professional associations.

Senior administrative positions in four-year colleges and universities where in-depth knowledge and understanding of the conceptual bases of higher education administration are required.

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