Community College Leadership Certification

Graduate Academic Certificate
Community College Leadership

The Community College Leadership Certificate provides currently employed community college professionals who hold master’s degrees a certificate that will add depth and breadth to their knowledge of community colleges.

Provide graduate-level professional development opportunities related to community college mission, finance and administration, leadership, economic and community development, teaching and learning, and contemporary issues.

Program Contact: Dr. Beverly Bower (

Admission Requirements

1. Successfully complete a master’s degree program from an accredited college or university.
2. Meet GPA requirements for admission into this program.
3. Select "Community College Leadership" as the program of study.
4. Complete all coursework within four years.

Course Requirements for Certificate (applicant must meet course prerequisites, if any)

EDHE 6060 - History and Philosophy of the Community College (3 hours)
EDHE 6065
- Finance and Administration in the Community College (3 hours)
EDHE 6070
- Teaching and Learning in the Community College (3 hours)
EDHE 6075
- Economic and Community Development in Higher Education (3 hours)
EDHE 6080
- Leadership in the Community College (3 hours)
EDHE 6085
- Contemporary Issues in the Community College (3 hours)


These courses may be applied toward a doctorate in Higher Education, with a cognate area in community college.

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