Weekend Workshop

Pet Partners Trainings and Team Evaluations

Want to be able to volunteer or work with your pet? This workshop and/or team evaluation is designed for volunteers, professionals and students.

The Pet Partners Handler Training workshop (offered on a Saturday) and Handler-Animal Team Evaluation (offered on a Saturday) are facilitated by Dr. Cynthia Chandler twice per year, usually around April and September. The handler training workshop, which is 8 hours in length, trains persons to serve with their pets to provide animal-assisted educational and social activities on a volunteer level. The team evaluation is a 40-minute appointment on a different date than the handler training workshop. See how to register below. 

The facilitator, Dr. Cynthia Chandler, is a leading expert in the world on animal-assisted activity and therapy; she has practiced since the year 2000, won several professional awards, and has published a leading book titled Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling, now in its 3rd edition.

This is also a great introductory workshop for professionals who wish to work with their pet in a professional educational or counseling setting. Continuing education units provided for mental health professionals: you will receive 8 contact hours of continuing education for LPC, NBCC, MFT, TAADAC(R); this includes 1 hour of ethics.

Price of Pet Partners Handler Training offered by Dr. Chandler: $90.00.

Price of Pet Partners Team Evaluation offered by Dr. Chandler: $35.00

You must have completed Pet Partners Handler Training before getting the Team Evaluation.

For more information: Call (940) 565-2910 or e-mail Cynthia Chandler (Cynthia.Chandler@unt.edu).

For more information about being a Pet Partner Team see the Pet Partners website.


Located on the campus of the University of North Texas, Denton, TX.


To register for one of Dr. Chandler’s Pet Partners Handler Training workshop and/or Team Evaluation please visit the Pet Partners' website, select Volunteer, then from the drop-down menu select Calendar of Events to find exact date (look for trainings in Denton, TX). To register for an event, select Volunteer, then from the drop-down menu select Become a Handler (or Renew Registration if you are currently a Pet Partner). If first time registering you will need to create a free of cost account at the Volunteer page.

After you complete the Pet Partners Handler Training you may become a Pet Partners Team with your pet if you complete a Team Evaluation held on a separate date. Sign up for a Team Evaluation at the Pet Partners website.

Pets evaluated include: dogs, horses, cats, birds, rabbits, llamas/alpacas, pot-bellied pigs.

After you register for a Handler Training and/or Team Evaluation on the Pet Partner’s website you will be contacted by Dr. Chandler to finalize your registration and receive directions.

To pass the team evaluation your dog must sit, stay, come, down, walk politely on a leash and be calm and friendly during all required tasks. Other types of pets must be friendly and well mannered. Information on team evaluation exercises available on Pet Partner website once you create an account at the Pet Partner website.

Dr. Chandler takes no personal revenue from Pet Partners Workshops or Team Evaluations. All revenue from these trainings and evaluations goes into the Consortium for Animal Assisted Therapy of the University of North Texas to support trainings and research in animal-assisted therapy.


For the team evaluation bring the pet that you want to work with along with a photo copy of the rabies vaccination certificate (if dog or cat), and bring a soft grooming brush the pet is familiar with and one treat the pet is familiar with. Please bring no pets to workshops.