Special Education – IMPACT Program

Program Advisor: Dr. Mary Estes – mary.estes@unt.edu

Additional information

Candidates who enroll in the State approved IMPACT Alternative Certification Program in Special Education have a two semester teaching practicum.  IMPACT (Instructional Model to Prepare Adept, Certified Teachers) meets the No Child Left Behind standards for “highly qualified” teachers enrolled in alternative routes to teacher preparation.  IMPACT is designed to be completed in one calendar year.  This practicum is for individuals who are employed as a “Teacher of Record” in an accredited regional special education classroom and who have been granted a one-year Probationary Certificate.  This special education placement can be in any grade EC-12.  As the candidate completes this practicum he/she is supported by supervision from a University Professor, School District Mentor and an on-line University Coach.

IMPACT candidates who have been unsuccessful at finding employment will be placed by the field experience office in order to complete certification requirements.