Frequently Asked Questions

What does Clinical Teaching involve?

During your clinical teaching semester you will report to your assigned public school with your assigned cooperating teacher as if you were the teacher of that classroom. Clinical teaching courses do not meet on the UNT campus. If you are an undergraduate elementary student participating in a Professional Development School (PDS), then you will be required to attend seminars scheduled by your PDS Coordinator.

What is the time commitment with Clinical Teaching?

Although clinical teaching is 6 credit hours you should consider yourself a full-time student because you are expected to be on your assigned campus all day five days a week. While on a field campus in a school district you are required to keep the contract hours for all employed teachers on that campus. You may need to stay after school to prepare lessons you will be teaching, attend meetings or attend school sponsored functions.

Can I take other classes while Clinical Teaching?

EDSP 4350 and EDEE 4890 are courses that may be on your certification plan and are required to be taken with PDS 2 (Clinical Teaching).   You cannot take courses during the school day.  If you want to take an additional course during clinical teaching or Professional Development School (PDS) 1, you must appeal using the appropriate appeal form found on the Student Advising Website. 

When does the Clinical Teacher’s day begin and end?

As a student teacher, you should report to your campus when your cooperating teacher is required to report to their campus and you may not leave until your mentor teacher’s teaching day is complete. It is suggested that student teacher’s should mirror their mentor teacher’s arrival and departure time.

Whose holiday schedule do I follow? The University or the School District?

Clinical teachers follow the holiday schedule that the school district follows. Your beginning day and ending day of clinical teaching is set forth by the University.

I am required to attend district staff development days?

Yes, you are required to attend all school district staff development days.

What is the absence policy during Clinical Teaching?

Clinical teachers are expected to be present every day of clinical teaching. In the case of a serious illness or emergency, the clinical teacher should notify his/her cooperating teacher and the university supervisor no later than 7:00 a.m. the morning of the absence. Unless approved by the Clinical Practice Office, any absence from clinical teaching will need to be made up.

Who do I contact about fingerprinting and the TExES exam?

Contact the TExES Advising Office at (940)369-8601 for any questions regarding the TExES or fingerprinting.