Philanthropic Support


The College of Education prepares professionals and scholars who contribute to the advancement of education, health and human development. To achieve that purpose, the college conducts research and development and prepares practitioners and scholars by:

  • developing and disseminating new knowledge, including research that addresses the problems of practice in a changing world
  • supporting a multicultural student body and faculty with diverse perspectives, multiple instructional strategies, global experiences and interdisciplinary endeavors
  • preparing researchers, scholars, and practitioners to assume leadership roles in their professions
  • promoting service and the ethical standards of the profession


We aspire to be leaders known regionally, nationally and internationally for our expertise and excellence in research, teaching, outreach and solutions for education and human well-being. Through our efforts we improve the lives of the citizens of Texas, the nation and the world.

Featured Initiatives

  • Endowed Chairs - endowment required, $1.5 million

An endowed chair is a distinction awarded by the university to a faculty member in recognition of past accomplishments and the potential for continued original contributions to the academic enterprise. In addition to the academic honor given to the individual, an endowed chair provides funding for support of the faculty member’s teaching, research, and/or service responsibilities.

  • Endowed Professorships - endowment required, $500,000

Endowed professorships, like endowed chairs, provide recognition for faculty accomplishments and provide support for a professor’s teaching, research, and/or service. The required level of support for a professorship is lower than that required for an endowed chair. The term of a professorship may be shorter than that for a term-limited endowed chair.

  • Endowed Faculty Fellowships - endowment required, $250,000

Endowed faculty fellowships enable the university to attract and retain faculty members or to support the scholarly activities of a visiting faculty member. The terms of the fellowship may be renewable or rotating for a term of years.

  • Endowments  for Academic Excellence - endowment required, $100,000

Endowments for academic excellence support the top priorities of a college, school, department, center, program or other academic unit.

  • Graduate Fellowships - endowment required, $100,000

A graduate fellowship provides financial support to graduate students. Such fellowships may cover tuition and other costs, as well as a stipend.

  • Endowed Scholarships - endowment required, $25,000

A scholarship is a type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid by the recipient. Scholarships are most often given to students for one or both of the following reasons: achievement in academics or other areas, or financial need. Other requirements may include field of study, hometown, extracurricular activities and other qualifications.