Mission, Vision, and Function of the College of Education

Mission of the College of Education

The College of Education prepares professionals and scholars who contribute to the advancement of education, health, and human development.

Vision of the College of Education

We aspire to be leaders known regionally, nationally, and internationally for our expertise and excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and solutions for education and human well-being. Through our efforts we improve the lives of the citizens of Texas, the nation, and the world.

Function of the College of Education

We generate research, disseminate knowledge, and prepare a diverse body of scholars. Our graduates become leaders in their fields while enhancing the development and effective functioning of individuals, schools, and families.

We improve professional teaching and learning for K-12 schools.Helping teachers teach and students learn is central to our mission.  We work with schools and school systems to prepare effective teachers and other professionals who help all students learn; and prepare principals, superintendents, and other school leaders to help in achieving this goal. 

We develop leaders for community colleges and universities.  We provide education and professional development for individuals who serve or will serve as administrators, faculty, and scholars in higher education institutions, governmental agencies, policy or research centers, and professional associations that conduct postsecondary education in the United States and globally.

We improve the functioning of individuals in their physical, health, and leisure behaviors.  We accomplish this through the academic preparation of professionals, contributions to the professional body of knowledge, and provision of service to the university and community at large and through programs which facilitate an enhanced quality of life.

We prepare counselors who serve the public and humanity at large.  We prepare highly competent counseling professionals for work in schools, communities, colleges, business, and industry. Our research seeks to use counseling for developing holistic wellness with at-risk and diverse populations. We provide humanitarian assistance to academic, professional, and public communities.

We prepare family and child development experts who serve the community and society.  We help families interact effectively with schools and other community agencies to improve life and promote well being.