Steps to Teacher Certification

1) Apply and be admitted to a UNT Teacher Education Program
2) Complete all certification program requirements, including clinical practice
3) Pass all required state certification exams (coming soon - exam sequences for each certification area).
4) Bachelor’s degree officially posted to transcripts – undergraduates only
5) Apply for a Standard Teacher Certificate through the Texas Education Agency website
   a. Pay all applicable fees
   b. Complete fingerprinting
6) Recommended to the state by UNT

Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Requirements for Classroom Teacher, Student Services, and Administrator Certificates Based on UNT program


 When to Apply for Your Standard Certificate(s)

Students should apply at the end of their last semester after they have completed Student Teaching/Practicum/Internship and passed all state certification exams. Students should not apply if they have not completed all program requirements or have not passed all required certification exams. If you have not taken your TExES exams, please visit the TExES Advising Office website for more information.

How to Apply for Your Standard Certificate(s)

Do not apply early - your application will be removed. (i.e. If you are finishing your certification program in August 2016, do not apply before Friday, August 5th.)

1. Review the Applying for Certification and Fingerprinting guide.

2. Go to

3. Log into your educator (TEAL) account. If you have not set up your account, the system will prompt you to create one. For more information, please review the TEAL/ETS Registration Guide. This guide will help you set up your TEAL account, obtain your TEA ID#, create your ETS account, and register for your certification exams.

4. You will be asked to select your recommending entity from a drop-down menu when completing the application on the TEA website. You will find your appropriate recommending entity on page 6 of the Applying for Certification and Fingerprinting guide.

5. Pay all applicable fees and complete the fingerprinting process.

The Typical Process for Certification is as Follows:

  • Student applies to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), pays online, and completes fingerprinting process
  • Student receives TEA system-generated email acknowledging application
  • Entity reviews application and submits recommendation for student after verifying all certification requirements have been met
  • Student receives TEA system-generated email stating they have been recommended by entity
  • TEA runs criminal background check on applicant
  • Applicant is certified if background check is clear

Contact Information

College of Education Student Advising Office
Matthews Hall Room 105
Phone: (940) 565-2736
Fax: (940) 565-2728

TExES Advising Office
Matthews Hall Room 103
Phone: (940) 369-8601
Fax: (940) 565-2728