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Study Materials

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Materials for all candidates

TExES Test at a Glance - Provides an overview of each TExES exam and what concepts are covered in each domain and competency. Each certification exam has it's own Test at a Glance.

TExES Preparation Manuals - Provides a breakdown of the exams, strategies for taking the exams, and sample questions with rationales. Each certification exam has it's own Preparation Manual.

TExES Study Plan Sheet - Use this sheet to help you organize which areas of the test you should focus on when studying.

TEKS Standards - The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are the standards that your state certification exams are testing you over. Do you know what TEKS you will be responsible to teach or how to align them to each grade level? Being familiar with the TEKS will not only help you on your exams, but will help prepare you for your teaching career.

UNT Practice Exams - Find the most up to date schedule and list of available practice exams we offer for the current semester.  These are only offered to currently enrolled UNT students who are active in our Teacher Preparation Program. Registration is only open for one practice test date at a time.  Once a registration date closes, the next date will open.

TWU TExES Prep Center - UNT Students can attend practice exams and review workshops through the Texas Woman's University TExES Prep Center. Please check the TWU TExES Prep website for upcoming dates and scheduling. Fees apply.

CrashCourse - Short YouTube videos on various subjects such as history, science, and economics. 

Khan Academy - Free online review and study for subjects in Math, History, Grammar, Science, and more.

PPR EC-12 Video Review - Video with 40 sample PPR EC-12 exam questions and answer rationales. Take the quiz along with the narrator, pausing after each question and answer choice is given, then resume play after you have selected your answer to hear the correct answer choice and rationale. 

PPR EC-12 Practice Exam - Free Full-length practice exam with correct answers, explanations, and an automatic score report summary.

Certify Teacher - Interactive practice exams, study materials, flashcards, and more. UNT Students can receive a discount on products by using their UNT email address and the promotion code UNT4728. This code is only valid for UNT students.

240 Tutoring - Online, comprehensive study guides, flashcards, and practice exams that are guaranteed to prepare a student for their certification exams. Note: 240Tutoring no longer offers a discount, as they have lowered their prices to $39.99.

Study.com - Videos, quizzes, and study guides for educator candidates in Core EC-6, Business 6-12, Health EC-12, Math 4-8 and 7-12, History 7-12, Science 7-12, Music EC-12, PPR EC-12 and more. UNT students can receive a 62% discount on the monthly Teacher's Edition subscription, which gives you access to all content on the site. Email coe-tao@unt.edu for more details and the coupon code. You must provide your UNT ID number in the email. 

T-CERT - Texas Certification Exam Review created to help TExES candidates pass their certification exams. $30 for 60 day access. Current modules include Core EC-6, Math 4-8, Math 7-12. Science 4-8, Science 7-12, PPR EC-12, Special Education EC-12, and ESL Supplemental. There is also a review for the Principal (068) exam. 

Quizlet - Learning tools and flashcards for a variety of TExES exams. Search by your exam name and number (ex. TExES Core Subjects EC-6 291) to find various resources.

XAM Online - Offers a selection of preparation books and practice questions for TExES certification exams. 

Mometrix - Offers a selection of study guides and flash cards for TExES certification exams.

Pass the TExES - Offers books and e-books for a wide selection of TExES certification exams.

IRIS - Modules and topics covering information about assessment, dyslexia, reading comprehension, and more.

The TExES Advising Office has study books available that students may check out at no charge to help them prepare for their exams. Due to limited availability, students are asked to only check materials out for 30 days at a time. Student who need the materials longer may ask for an extension if there is not a waiting list.  Please call or email to find out if your book is available. We currently carry books for the following subjects:


History 7-12


Bilingual Supplemental

Life Science 7-12



LOTE Spanish EC-12

Science 4-8

Core Subjects EC-6

Math 4-8

Science 7-12

ELAR 4-8

Math 7-12

Social Studies 4-8

ELAR 7-12

Music EC-12

Social Studies 7-12

ESL Supplemental

Physical Education EC-12

Theater EC-12

The TExES Advising Office also has additional practice materials from Certify Teacher that students may use in-office at no charge.  Currently, we have materials for Bilingual Supplemental, History 7-12, Social Studies 7-12 and Science 7-12. Students must make an appointment with the TExES Advising Office to utilize the Certify Teacher materials.


For Core Subjects EC-6 candidates

Texas Teacher Today: Core Subjects - Online resources, practice exams, and tutoring for the Core EC-6 exam.

TExES Help: Core EC-6 ELAR and Math - Online courses designed to help you pass the Core EC-6 ELAR and Math domains.

Core Subjects EC-6 Social Studies Review Module - PowerPoint module developed for UNT to help Core EC-6 students prepare for the Social Studies domain on the exam.

Core Subjects EC-6 Social Studies Resources - Comprehensive list of suggested study resources for the Core EC-6 Social Studies domain.

USGS Science Resources for Primary Grade (K-6) - Selected educational resources that may be useful to educators in primary school grade.

Kids.gov - Resources, activities, lesson plans and more for every subject.

STAAR Exams - Released test questions and answers from grades 3 through high school for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Biology and U.S. History.

TAKS Exams - Released test questions for ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

Practice Questions - Practice questions over subjects like World History, US History, and math.

Khan Academy - Free online review and study for subjects in Math, History, Grammar, Science, and more.

Civil Service Practice Questions - Practice questions over grammar, spelling, synonyms, reading comprehension, and arithmetic.

Texas State Historical Association - Digital gateway to Texas history through a collection of resources.


For ESL or Bilingual Supplemental candidates 

Bilingual/ESL/BTLPT Review Sessions - The UNT Bilingual/ESL Teacher Certification Office currently offers review sessions at no cost for ESL Supplemental and Bilingual Supplemental exams.  If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please contact Anita Deschner at Anita.Deschner@unt.edu to RSVP.

ESL Review Module - Prepared by Region 10 and presented to attendees of UNT ESL Review sessions.

Summary of ELPS - Introduction, District Responsibilities, and Student Expectations for English Language Proficiency Standards.

ELPS Proficiency Level Descriptors for Instructional Planning - Summary of each proficiency level from beginning to advanced high.

ELPS Overview and Strategies - Excellent resource for teachers working with second language learners.

Components of Language and Reading Instruction - In-depth chapter reading on language and reading.

Stages of Language Proficiency - Chart of the stages of language proficiency from pre-production to intermediate fluency.

Spanish-English Cognates - Comprehensive list of Spanish-English cognates.

ESL Printables - A website where English Language teachers exchange resources, worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc.

BTLPT Webinar - Watch a prerecorded webinar to learn about the BTLPT Spanish exam.

BTLPT Practice Exam - Free full-length practice exam that includes correct answers, explanations for correct answers and an automatic score report summary.

BTLPT Spanish Supplemental Guide - Preview of the actual test screens used in the computerized tasks encountered in these tests.


Languages Other Than English (LOTE) candidates

LOTE Spanish (613) Pedagogy Course - Designed to help you pass the pedagogy portion of the LOTE Spanish exam. Sample test questions are included to help you check your comprehension. A sample lesson plan and tips are available to show you how to write an effective lesson plan, and you even have the opportunity to upload your own lesson plan and receive feedback on how to improve your score.

Vicente Online - Test preparation, courses, and workshops for LOTE Spanish EC-12, LOTE French EC-12, BTLPT, and ESL/Bilingual programs.

LOTE Supplemental Guides - Preview of the actual test screens used in the computerized tasks encountered in these the LOTE French, German, Latin and Spanish exams.


Science 7-12 candidates

Khan Academy - Free online review and study for subjects in Math, History, Grammar, Science, and more.

USGS Educational Resources for Secondary Science Grades (7-12) - Selected resources that may be useful to educators in secondary school grades.

Science 7-12 Practice Exam - Free full-length practice exam that includes correct answers, explanations for correct answers, and an automatic score report summary.


History 7-12 candidates

Best of History Websites - Quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history-oriented resources online in a wide range of categories and has been designed to benefit history teachers

Civics Practice Test - Test your knowledge of U.S. history, culture, economics and more.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Exam - 100 questions and answers over American Government, American History, and Civics.

Practice Questions - Practice questions over subjects like World History, US History, and math.

HistoryTeacher.net - Quizzes and resources for US History & Government, and global studies.

Texas State Historical Association - Digital gateway to Texas history through a collection of resources.



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Test Preparation - Tips and Strategies

How to Take a Test - Offers tips and tricks on a variety of test-taking topics, including time limits, preparing for the exam, and taking multiple choice tests.

Preparing for the Texas Educator Certification Tests - Watch a video about preparing to take a Texas Educator Certification test. This video includes tips for preparing and studying, along with tips for reducing test anxiety.

How to Study for the TExES - Here you can find useful information on HOW to prepare for your exams.

Be Successful - Dr. Jerry Whitworth from Texas Woman's University presents a strategy for TExES Success in five steps.

Understanding the Land of TExES - Three-part video series that breaks down the history, language, and culture of the TExES exams so that you can better understand your exams.

Study Tips and Strategies - Tips and tricks that might give you an edge.

Learning Styles - Seven different learning styles and techniques for how to study.

Reducing Test Anxiety - We understand preparing and taking the exams can be overwhelming.  Click on this link to find some helpful information on what you can do to minimize your test anxiety.

Test Center Virtual Tour - Watch a video to learn what to expect when you go to the test center to take your TExES exam. 

On the day of the test - Find out what to bring to the test center, important ID Requirements, test center procedures, and more!


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How to Study for the TExES Exam

1.) Learn What is on Your Exam. Identify what the test will cover by reviewing the domains and competencies for your field. The ETS Test at a Glance resource will help you identify the concepts covered on your exam as well as help you see what TEKS standards the content aligns with.

2.) Assess How Well You Know the Content. You won't know how to study for the exam if you don't know what to study.  The ETS Preparation Manual contains a Study Plan Sheet that helps you assess how well you know each domain and competency.  Go through each competency that is covered in the Test at a Glance and rate your confidence level on a scale of 1 - 5 (one being you are not at all confident that you would answer questions over that competency correctly, five being you could ace any questions covered on that topic).

3.) Take a UNT Practice Exam. Get a baseline for how much content you thought you knew and how much you actually know by taking a UNT practice exam before you study. The practice exams are designed by ETS and will look very similar to your actual exam. Getting familiar with how questions are phrased will help reduce your anxiety and get you in the right frame of mind for what to expect on test day.

4.) Collect Materials You Need to Study. UNT students have access to a wide variety of resources to study. Use our suggested study materials list to locate the right resources for you, or ask the TExES Advising Office for recommendations of what might be best to study for your program. Keep in mind that while UNT will exhaust every possible free resource out there for you, you may incur some expenses in collecting study materials.  If there's nothing out there that helps you study, create your own materials! Make flashcards, check out text books related to your grade level.

5.) Study! Cramming for a TExES test is likely to yield unfavorable results, so it is in your best interest to plan ahead. Make a study schedule and stick to it! Create a study group with your peers, or make some quiet time in your daily routine to study vocabulary, refresh on content, or review concepts that will be covered on your test.  Do whatever is necessary, and be creative. Cater to your own learning style.

6.) Retake the UNT Practice Exam. After you've had adequate time to study, retake the practice exam and see if you've made any improvement. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because you've seen the question before you know the right answer. Read the questions carefully and pick out the one answer choice that best fits the question.  If you don't see the improvement you were expecting to see, compare your score reports, find out what areas you struggle with, and make a new study plan.  Ask the TExES Advisor to help you understand your scores.  Keep in mind that UNT cannot release the test questions or show you which questions you answered incorrectly, but we will try to help you understand if it is the content you are missing or the methods.

7.) Take Your Exam. When you feel ready, sign up to take your real exam. Follow our step-by-step guide to make sure you have set up your TEAL profile and create your ETS testing account. UNT recommends registering for exams at least one month in advance to ensure you get a date, time, and testing location that is preferable for you. 


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Resources for Faculty Members

Practice exams check out form - Faculty members can check out available TExES exams to proctor in class.  Fill out this form and read the attached instructions and regulations.  You may return the completed forms by email (COE-TAO@unt.edu) or in person to MATT 103.  We must receive the request five or more working days prior to when the tests are needed. Please provide the test name, test number, and the amount of exams you need. 

TExES Faculty Manual - Find out detailed information regarding understanding the TExES test frameworks, how to use/interpret the TExES score reports, accessing the ETS Data Manager, and more!  This manual includes large amounts of useful and pertinent information that can benefit your program and help you to guide your students.  Be sure to read through this Faculty Manual!

Access to TEAL and Retrieving Test Data - We have created a step by step instruction regarding logging into TEAL, requesting TEAL access, and retrieving exam data.  These instructions show you how to access important exam information so you can develop reports specific to your program.   


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