Dr. Dina C. Castro, Professor and Velma E. Schmidt Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Education at the Department of Teacher Education and Administration was an invited speaker at the international conference "Our Multilingual Schools: An Opportunity or a Threat / Tante Lingue Nelle Nostre Scuole : Un'opportunità O Un Ostacolo?" held in Milan, Italy, March 13-15.  In her presentation titled "Multilingualism and instructional approaches in early education: A cross-cultural review of the research” Dr. Castro discussed how the societal status of children's first language or mother tongue (as a minority or majority language) will influence the type of programming made available to bilingual children in early education programs.  Specifically, she shared findings from a review of research on language of instruction approaches in the education of young bilingual children and their language policy contexts.

Guests at Milan ConferenceFrom left to right: Dina Castro, UNT; Marjorie Myers, Principal, Key Elementary School, USA; Eugenia Papadaki, Founder and Principal, Bilingual School of Monza, Italy; Fred Genesee, McGill University, Canada; Else Hamayan, educational consultant, Córdova, Argentina.